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BDVT's BroDozzer gets compound twin turbos!... (link)

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Author Topic: Ohisofly's 91 Crx  (Read 17769 times)


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Re: Ohisofly's 91 Crx
« Reply #180 on: October 01, 2017, 04:40:46 PM »

Alright, finally got this thing in the garage and started ordering parts

Parts on the way:
- action clutch twin disc
- used eagle ls rods / cp pistons 81.5mm 11:0 c/r
- 81.5mm hastings rings
- devcon for filling the block
- supertech valve springs
- -12 an fittings for valve cover
- arp head studs / rod bolts
- blue gates timing belt
- gsr water pump & oil pump

Going to be made:
- top mount divided t4 manifold
   - either dual 38mm or 44mm wastegates
- straight 3Ē exhaust
- intercooler piping

Hoping you guys have some suggestions:

Is it ok to vent valve cover to exhaust? I know this is common in the big block world but itís typically very close to where the exhaust exits the car. I really donít want to deal with a catch can so would prefer to vent the valve cover and block to the exhaust (around where the cat would be) with -12 lines.

Ignition system: Cheapest way to support 7-800 hp without going coil over plug? Iíve looked into msd blaster coils and the like but donít have any experience going down that route.

Which fuel pump(s) should I use? Was thinking about running a -8 feed line and then using the stock feed as a return. Planning on running e85 and going with bosch 2200cc injectors. A friend was kind enough to donate these to my build but I can buy something else if there isnít an ideal combo here:

2 walbro 255ís

Bosch 044

DW 350iL

I was thinking both 255s and the 044 based on this chart:

What am I missing / what's the weak link for 7-800hp? Iím assuming the stock valves and stock cam/intake manifold need to go. Turbo is a Borg warner s300sx3 - 66/73mm, twin scroll, t4 & .91 a/r. From what Iíve seen in other build threads it should get me in that range.
91 Crx Si - b18
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