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Official RHMT TANK! that's right i said a TANK! (link)

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 on: August 19, 2017, 08:22:22 PM 
Started by rawr - Last post by rawr

Wasn't really happy with the gauge situation and I didn't want to spend 500 bucks on some homo ass autometer shit so that's where I'm at right now with the cluster.

 on: August 19, 2017, 07:03:22 PM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by turbohf

 on: August 19, 2017, 11:10:46 AM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by ratcityrex
Well, that's it. We passed.

Friday Aug 18th 2017

I got off work around noon. Our inspection was between 12-4 On the way to the house my wife text me and asks if the floor vent cover not being in place would cause us to fail are inspection? Our project manager was in charge of setting those in place. He forgot to enlarge the hole on one of them located in our mud room. I called and asked him if that would fail us and he said yes. So I called up my buddy Ed who only lives 2 miles away to borrow his jig saw and a extention cord. As I was coming back from his house the inspector was riggt in front of me. I pull up right behind him at my house. I go straight to cutting out the hole just a touch larger. He didn't even give a His name was Pedro and the guy was hella relaxed. Only thing was our exhaust fan in the master bath wasn't working. Turns out the hvac guys unplugged the fan when  putting the cover on. Plugged it back in and not a problem. The 1 sheetrocked wall in are garage(fire wall) wasn't completely sealed up and said we needed to do a little fire blocking/caulking around our furnace on the ceiling and on the corners where it met the wall. Also needed to pull the keeper pin on our hinge for the door that leads into the house. That way it auto closes behind us as we walk into the house. It's a fire code thing.

Pedro said since we were the home owners he wasn't going to request a reinspection since he had faith that we would do it. Told him to leave his email and after I do it I would send him pictures of it.

So today we have the moving truck and were packing up our storage unit. Fun y thing is the in-laws are going out of town and we have to house sit for them so we won't be staying at our house until next Friday.

Thank fucking God this build is over.

 on: August 17, 2017, 10:05:13 PM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by ratcityrex
Thursday Aug 17th

Got the paperwork from our septic guy. Turned it into the health department with a box of doughnuts. 15min later shit was approved and the county had signed off on it.

L&I came out to inspect our power. It's all good.

County came out to inspect my deck and porch. It's all good and signed off as well.

Went to the dump to throw away all of our building suppys. Picked up another yard of bark. Spread some of it and put the rest in the woods in a big pile. Also hooked up the power cord to the oven and the water line to the fridge. Plugged everything in and so far so good.

So our final inspection is on for tomorrow. So fingers crossed it all goes well.

 on: August 17, 2017, 07:33:00 AM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by ratcityrex
Wednesday Aug 16th

got a email from the county saying that we had a health department inspection for our septic. Then 10 min later I get a email stating that the inspection failed because they didn't not have the final course of construction paperwork for our septic. Call septic dude up, said he must have forgot to file it. So today I'm going to get the final paperwork from him and then hand deliver it to the health department. They said it takes 24hours to process. Hopefully I can sweet talk someone into signing off on it right when I hand it to them so we can still get a go a head on the final for Friday. Otherwise were at there mercy.

Also pulling out of the parking lit yesterday in a frenzy I forgot to put my seatbelt on. As I'm driving down the road I reach up to put it on right as I'm passing a motorcycle cop. Fucked pulls me over and writes me a ticket for $136.00 GAL.

Go out to the house after work. Sheetrocker has showed up and finished firewall tapering the garage wall. Electricians showed and finished everything off. We installed our fridge and our stove last night, mowed the lawn and cleaned up our whole side yard where we had all of our supply staged. Hopefully the try and fuck with us on erosion control considering we have no grass over there.

Hopefully today goes better then yesterday.

 on: August 16, 2017, 07:43:07 PM 
Started by turbohf - Last post by turbohf
so looking for opinions... maybe im getting old? but im debating putting lowering springs on her.  the springs would be EIBACH's. they say like 1.2" lower or something. and probably replace the shocks with Koni yellows (adjustables). ok. that will probably happen either way.

oh. so got the car up on the rack at work. replaced 2 tires. ordering 2 more soon. i bought all seasons as these will be 'winter' wheels or whatever. unless i never buy aftermarket wheels... anyway. had a tech take a peak also. we found:
left front wheel is bent (ordered one off FB already)
rear shocks have a little bounce to them (didnt check fronts)
and i have 2 shit upper control arm bushings.

uca bushings are awesome because they bolt the arm on to the sub frame and lift it into the car. but i planned on doing subframe bushings also. so i need to drop it just low enough to slide those in. hopefully dont have to remove the hole damn thing.
oh, we where looking as i have a light vibration still front the front after the brakes, and rear end seems to do a little dance over bumps at 35+mph or so as it settles.

not sure how overboard i want to go? ***i dont want to ruin the ride quality or add noise.*** like i said, daily driver, want to drive across country.
my shopping cart has many items in it...

going to replace/buy:
front/rear sway bars (front will be fun to replace)
koni shocks
subframe bushings
uca bushings
front strut bushings/bearings

maybe im going overboard?
eibach springs $250
rear trailing arms (prevent wheel hop) $140
trailing arm bushings (same) $30
rear toe rods (stiffen up toe from settings wondering) $110
19" wheels....for vip status.... actually, ill probably need to lower it if i get wheels.  $800-1200

 on: August 16, 2017, 07:34:10 AM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by crxvtec91
Getting super close!

 on: August 15, 2017, 09:08:56 PM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by ratcityrex
We were almost there until we showed up today and saw that our "electricians are going to make your house a property on Tuesday" didn't show. So we don't know if it was a lie or not. But L&I has to come in and inspect our electrical work before the county will issue our occupancy permit.

 on: August 15, 2017, 05:30:09 PM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by turbohf
awesome. almost there.  :noel:

 on: August 15, 2017, 04:17:25 PM 
Started by ratcityrex - Last post by ratcityrex
Saturday Aug 12th
Went to the dump, loaded the truck up for the next day to drop off all the scrap lumber

Sunday Aug 13th
installed front steps and we did a little raking and spreading of bark.called in inspection for front and rear deck for Thursday.

Monday Aug 14th
Dumpled all the wood and got another 2 yards of bark/mulch
Spread some bark. Built the step for the door entering into the garage. Mexicans showed up and caulked all our trim and filled all the nail holes. Found out our final inspection is set for Friday. So fingers crossed all goes well and we can start moving in.

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